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Family Freedom Endeavor, Inc is a non-profit organization comprised of strong, family values-oriented American citizens just like you. We educate and advocate for the civil rights of families across the U.S., focusing on fighting for the rights of individuals and the family over government-imposed regulations and restrictions.


In short, we seek to pursue cases with a strong public impact for the betterment of American families.

About The Family Freedom Endeavor


 What we're fighting for 


We are heavily focused on litigating on behalf of the rights
of parents and individuals to make educated decisions regarding the
welfare of themselves and their children.

family rights

Parents know what is best for their children. Not the
government. To that end, we fight for parental decision making over the
decisions of the government.

child advocacy

Our children are our future, and we will never stop fighting
to protect their well-being, whether spiritual, physical or emotional.

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