• Attorney Ryan McLane

Are We Losing?

We recently lost two important court battles at the Federal District Court level: UConn due to a lack of standing and UMass on the “merits” – that one is going to be appealed, and for good reason.

So, what’s the point?

Why do this if we can’t get through to a local Judge? Do our cases have merit (they do, by the way)? More importantly, are we just wasting our money?

When you donate to Susan Komen or the Jimmy Fund, are you wasting your money because they have not cured cancer? Have you called America’s Frontline Doctors and asked the legal team to resign because they lost a few cases?

Or, like anything that matters or makes a difference, is there more to this issue and this movement? Is there more context? What is a loss? Did we change UConn or UMass’ COVID-19 policies? No, we did not. But here are some of the things that we DID do over the past 90 days:

  1. Helped HUNDREDS of students successfully obtain religious exemptions to their schools’ vaccine policies.

  2. Helped over 1,000 individuals with legal advice.

  3. Got Endicott College to back down and award 6 students who were previously denied exemptions full approval.

  4. Provided individuals and groups with materials to educate themselves on sending public records requests (a number of them did on their own after using our resources).

  5. Provided individuals and groups with research material from one of the world’s leading immunologists.

  6. Brought awareness to our cause, reaching over 50,000 people on social media during those 90 days, and over 1,000,000 across the country (I looked up the Fox & Friends viewership at 1.1 million) – this does not include online media.

  7. Put the legal process in motion to either win in court or appeal the issue, potentially getting favorable law on our side.

But some will see only a court loss. Some will see only what is on the surface. They won’t see the appeal, or the eventual shaping of these laws, hopefully (and likely in some instances) in our favor after the process runs its course.

What I hope everyone reading this WILL see is:

  1. MORE people are awake and, on our side, with support for our mission growing every day.

  2. MORE people are showing up to school board meetings, posting on social media, petitioning their employers, standing up to their schools, etc.

  3. MORE people are willing, win or lose, to FORCE the ones trying to shove things down our throat to commit to their ridiculous policies and be sued at every turn.

The answer is never to just throw your hands up and say, “well it’s not worth it, it will never work.” With that attitude, you’re right. And honestly, you really can’t hope that one lawsuit will save you. The whole reason we’re litigating is because we’ve allowed them to go this far. What we need is to wake up. We need to continue the lawsuits, of course – force these people to defend their actions in court and if we aren’t successful, exhaust the appeals process if we can – like I said, we do have merit on our side. Force the issue. But lawsuits alone aren’t going to help, especially immediately. We need to go to the protests, we need to speak up at work, we need to recruit people, do our research and get involved. Doing all of these things will show that there are a LOT of us and that we’re willing to fight for our rights and the ability to live our lives freely.

So, are we really losing? If so, let’s do something about it.